Cabling and Bracing Tree Service in North Texas

Tree cabling and bracing is performed to protect valuable trees. By installing cables, bolts, and/or braces, a tree can stand up against high winds or ice storms. Whenever the situation warrants it, your Arborist may make recommendations for this specialized tree care procedure.

cabling and bracingTrees are living things. Therefore, they need care and protection just like other living things. There are all sorts of environmental factors that affect the health and growth of a tree. Of course, the type of tree has a lot to do with natural health and growth as well. If one of your trees has weak limbs, multiple or codominant stems, or is splitting, cabling and bracing will greatly help!

The combination is meant to provide structural support to weak branches and multiple stems. The supports will make a tree less susceptible to high winds and heavy storms. Steel cables are attached to sturdy bolts in the upper crown of the tree. Braces are put in place, wrapped through and around weaker branches. Together, cabling and bracing keep a tree stable and secure!

Cabling and bracing is difficult to describe in words. Though, all you really need to know is professionals are available to execute the technique to protect your trees. If you notice an issue with your tree, or if you are suspicious of one, give Patriot Tree Service a call.

We’re backed by the necessary equipment, training and expertise to complete the job! However, before we dive into cabling and bracing, we’ll first inspect the tree. There is always the possibility that a different service will be needed. Plus, it’s important we examine the tree to determine the exact placement of the cables and braces.

It’s best you don’t try securing the trees on your own unless you’re qualified. Makeshift tools and equipment simply won’t be as effective as what Patriot Tree Service has. You also shouldn’t be trying to scale any tall trees. That’s dangerous for anyone to do. That’s why our staff uses harnesses and safety equipment when necessary.

Your trees deserve to be alive and well. If they’re taken care of, your property will look nicer and you won’t have to worry about cutting them down. Our affordable cabling and bracing service will help. We also offer pruning to keep trees trimmed and healthy. Our service package has you covered!

Give us a call or submit a form through our website. We help residences, business, city streets, etc. Anything tree related, we’re on it!

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