Patriot Tree Service Offers Affordable Tree Pruning Service in Allen TX

Tree Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. A tree pruning service is necessary to maintain safety, improve tree health and structure, get more sunlight to the grass, and make a tree aesthetically pleasing.

Trees can be dangerous. If you allow one to overgrow, the tree could lose its stability and branches may fall or the entire tree may fall. Someone walking by could be harmed. Of course, there’s the greater chance that the branch or tree will fall and damage your car, your home, or some other aspect of your property.

tree pruning serviceIt doesn’t take much to avoid such occurrences. Just rely on a professional tree pruning service to keep your trees clean-cut and under control.

It’s important to remember that trees are living. Thus, they have coping mechanisms and qualities that can overcome environmental threats like diseases and harmful insects. The bigger a tree gets, the more difficult it will be for the tree to protect its entire self. As a result, it will not be able to consistently overcome external threats. The tree will lose years off its life.

Pruning is an exercise that keeps trees healthy. It keeps trees trimmed, both branches and leaves. Rather than losing life, your tree will conserve life with the proper pruning.

Then of course there is the obvious fact that a thick tree prevents much-needed sunlight from passing through to the body of the tree and the grass below. You don’t want that. Take advantage of the ample sunlight offered to North Texas homes throughout the year. A productive, likely overdue pruning will help!

Take pride in your yard by ensuring your trees are trimmed and your grass is widespread and luscious. Patriot Tree Service does not offer lawn care services; however, our pruning expertise will keep your trees in perfect shape. Because trees are typically the biggest features in a front yard, it makes a big difference in terms of appearance when they are trimmed and pruned.

The pros at Patriot Tree Service understand tree biology and the correct procedures involved with a proper tree pruning service that will optimize your tree’s health and structure, increase longevity and address safety concerns.

There are many tree services that are currently practicing a very negative trend of stripping off all or most of a tree’s internal branching, leading to a condition known in the business as “lion-tailing”. This poor technique leads to sunburned bark tissue, heavy sucker development, weakened branch structure, and breakage.

Our staff does not practice “lion-tailing”. We prioritize the health of trees and we do not take shortcuts. We’ll keep your trees healthy through pruning; we can also help repair trees through cabling and bracing. If a tree is too far gone, professional tree removal and stump grinding services can also be carried out.

Patriot Tree Service offers the full package in tree assistance. Whether our services are needed at a residence, a business, or a city street, we are here to help!


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