Affordable Tree Removal Service

We Salute Your Trees!

Patriot Tree Service can provide a variety of tree removal services for your home or business. Trees can be a beautiful compliment to a front yard or backyard, or to city streets, but sometimes they are out of place. Also, some trees don’t survive.

Tree removal is a task best left to the professionals. You may be able to cut down a “twig” sprouting from the ground; however, any tree of decent size can be challenging to remove. Luckily, there is a service for such a thing!

tree removal serviceThe pros at Patriot Tree Service have the tools and techniques to safely get rid of a tree. It’s a quick process. The size and complexity of a tree certainly effects the process, though no tree is too big to remove. You can send us pictures of the tree(s) you’d like removed. Or else, we’ll arrive at the destination fully prepared for whichever tree removal service is necessary.

Typically, the toughest part to remove is the tree stump. If your tree is in an inconspicuous area of your home, such as the backyard corner, stump removal may not even be called for. On the other hand, a leftover stump in your front yard can be unattractive.

You also must ensure the stump is not hazardous in any way. You don’t want to accidentally back your car into one that is just beside your drive way, nor do you want someone to trip over a tree stump.

If you are worried about a stump, call Patriot Tree Service. We’ll have it removed in no time. Keep in mind, we do quote stump removal as a separate service from tree removal service.

Don’t worry, stump removal is no overbearing cost. We just need to examine the stump location, the soil holding it in place and the stump itself to determine the difficulty of removal. It can be a tricky task at times, and the last thing we want is to damage your home’s foundation in any way.

Perhaps a tree removal service is not even needed. Just because a tree is leaning or splitting does not mean it needs to be gone. There is such a thing as tree repair. For example, Patriot Tree Service offers cabling and bracing to help a tree regain its good form.

Removing a tree because you’re unhappy with its location or size is one thing but giving up on it because of a slight issue is another. Let the professionals examine the tree to determine the proper course of action. There’s a good chance we’ll be able to repair it. It may take some time to get the tree to proper standing, but the repair will be well worth it in the long run.

Ultimately, removing a tree can be a difficult decision. We all love trees, but when it has been determined that a tree must be removed, you can count on the pros at Patriot Tree Service to get the project completed in a safe, time-efficient manner.

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