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It takes a long time for a tree to grow tall with its branches spread out all around in every direction. The idea is to treasure trees and leave them intact for the next generation. Sadly, it sometimes becomes necessary to take down a tree. There can be different reasons for this. There may be decay in the roots or many of the large branches. A tree may also be leaning dangerously because it is dead or many of its branches are. The urban environment, in which our trees grow, is different from a natural forest environment. It has a number of stressors, including soil compaction and problems with soil structure.

Tree Removal RichardsonAlso, some trees also grow so much that they cross utility lines, such as power lines. Furthermore, a tree may stand at a place where it poses potential hazards such as one that is too close to the road. Trees may also need to come down to pave way for reconstruction or remodeling. Regardless of the reasons, Patriot Tree Service is at hand to offer professional tree removal Richardson services.

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It is best to use tree care professionals when you need tree removal Richardson rather than make it a DIY project. They will have the equipment that will ensure safety and they will know the right techniques to use.

Before starting the actual cutting, we will sound out a tree to find out whether it is a dead tree or a live one, which is more challenging to take down. If we can find a hollow spot, that is where we will start to cut. We will also figure out where a tree will fall, so that it falls on a clear space to avoid causing damage. We will also know which cut to make and where to make horizontal, wedge and back cuts. When the back cut is done, there will be even holding wood or the tree will start to fall. We’ll be ready and we will run using the chosen escape route opposite the direction the tree will fall towards.

Texas sometimes suffers extreme weather conditions that are bad enough to bring down trees or weaken them so that they are leaning dangerously and could fall at any time. Patriot Tree Service provides emergency tree removal Richardson services in such circumstances. Extreme weather can also completely uproot a tree and leave a stump. We do stump removal as well.

We will not just leave the scene when we are done, with the tree removal Richardson service. We love nature, including trees and we can consult on planting a new tree when one comes down. We will advise you on the best for your area. With prior planning, we can have a new tree ready to plant once we remove the stump of the old one. Our goal is to preserve our environment.

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