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There are a number of reasons why trees should be kept well trimmed. Firstly, it is important for aesthetics as it ensures trees maintain their shape and best appearance. It should also be done for safety. Branches that are dead or broken could fall and cause serious injury or damage. Also, branches sometimes grow too close to utility lines and they need to be trimmed to avoid interfering with supply lines.. Thirdly, trees need to be pruned to maintain them in good condition. Thinning the crown enhances the flow of air and gets of infected limbs and branches that would spread infection to the whole tree. Patriot Tree Service is always at hand to provide professional Richardson tree trimming services at very affordable rates.

The Best Tree Trimming Service in Richardson, TX

Tree TrimmingPruning is the most common Richardson tree trimming procedure that we provide. As professionals, we know how to do it well and at the best time which is during the dormant season of a tree. We are well versed with and the dormant seasons of different types of trees. However if there are overhanging limbs and branches posing potential danger, trimming should be done right away. As professionals, we also know which branches to trim. We will target the weak ones with V-shaped narrow angles and retain strong ones with U-shaped angles. We will also look at the diameter of the stem at the point of attachment to determine which lateral branches to get rid of. Load distribution is another factor we consider; we trim to reduce chances of branch failure and to ensure the weight of a tree is distributed on the branches as evenly as possible.

We also base our Richardson tree trimming procedures on tree biology. We avoid stripping all or most of the internal branching of a tree because it leads to what is known as lion-tailing. This is a poor, unprofessional technique that has consequences like heavy sucker development, bark tissue that gets sunburned and branch structure that is weakened which eventually causes breakage. Every cut we make will be a very precise point on a tree limb so that it will compartmentalize and heal over time. We aim to improve the structure and health of a tree to increase its longevity for as long as possible.

Richardson tree trimming also needs to be done in compliance to local authority building codes. We know the codes and we will ensure that your trees adhere to them. For every tree trimming service you need including raising and thinning the crown, vista pruning, sucker and deadwood removal and restoration after a storm, call on Patriot Tree Service for professional services.

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