What is Tree Cabling Fairview, TX Services?

Trees are commonly found near homes in neighborhoods and rural areas. Trees provide much-needed shade as well as beautiful landscaping. In many cases, trees will grow in a way that their physical structure is unable to support the weight of the tree. This is usually the case when trees have multiple trunks and open canopies. When a large tree branch breaks off due to physical structure issues, it can lead to injury, damage to your property or harm the health of the tree. To help the tree in this instance, tree cabling Fairview, TX services are needed.

Understanding Cabling and Bracing
Tree CablingCables and bracing rods are used in cabling and bracing to protect as well as improve the structural integrity of the tree. Cables and bracing rods are installed within the tree with pruning also taking place to reduce the weight and maintain the overall structure of the tree. These methods will help to reduce the chance that the tree will fail structurally. When cables are properly installed, they will help to redistribute the structural stress of the tree. With bracing rods, support is provided for branch attachments that may have weakened.

When cabling and bracing are combined, the tree is able to successfully assist any splitting limbs or trunks. It will take a certified arborist completing tree cabling in Fairview, TX to ensure any trees near your home are cared for properly.

For Mature Trees

When a tree grows, over time the angles of the limbs will help to determine the structural integrity of the tree. When there is a wide angle of attachment, a U shape is stronger than a V shape. The weight of the canopy as the tree matures can lead to issues with the structure of the tree as well as dealing with winds, snow or wet leaves. Heavy crop within oak or pecan trees can also play a favor. A combination or cabling and bracing or one option can be used to help the tree depending on the issue and age.

Multi-Trunked Trees

When a tree has multiple trunks, it is basically destined to have problems. Each trunk is competing for space within the canopy. The limbs and foliage will grow away from the center of its trunk. The load weight will be on one side of each trunk. Root space is also a factor. When any one trunk fails, a wound can be created on the base of the tree that is slow to heal which can lead to further issues involving disease or insects. Cabling with multi trunked trees must be specific to ensure the tree is stabilized in every possibly way.

If you feel that you are in need of tree cabling in Fairview, TX, contact Patriot Tree Service. The company has many years of experience dealing with the structural issues of trees and can provide both cabling and bracing services to ensure your trees stay in top condition and prevent any issue in the home such as damage to the structure, personal injury and more.

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