Patriot Tree Provides Residential and Commercial Tree Services Too!

Trees and greenery are a beautiful gift from nature that should be nurtured and protected. Our goal at Patriot Tree Service is to provide comprehensive tree service in Garland, TX and surrounding areas to keep our environment beautiful and protected.

Tree Service GarlandWe provide residential as well as commercial tree services. Our residential services include tree removal, safety, care and maintenance, health, planting and transplanting. We will come into your lawn and look at the trees you have to determine if they are healthy. We will trim them if they need trimming and if there is one that is dead or leaning dangerously, we will remove it. We will remove the stump too and you can consult us about planting a new tree if that is what you wish to do. If you have a tree that doesn’t seem to be growing, we will assess it to see if it has a disease. If can be saved, we will show you how to apply fertilizer so that it starts to thrive.

Tree Care Provider

We provide commercial tree service in Garland, TX too for commercial space or building owners. One service is ground clearing in readiness for construction where we remove trees and stumps. We also do this where remodeling projects are to be done. We also maintain trees and shrubs such as those that are outside buildings and along roads and pathways. We do turf care, shrub and bed care, irrigation management and we also provide specialized services such as holiday lighting consultation.

Patriot Tree Service also provides cabling and bracing, tree service in Garland, TX which is done to protect trees. It is done by installing bolts, cables and braces so that a tree is protected from ice storms and high winds that can bring it down or weaken it so much that it has to be taken down. It is done on trees that have weak limbs, weak points, co dominant stems, splits or multiple stems. It is a precaution that has saved a lot of mature trees when weather conditions are extreme. It is a procedure that is done by a trained arborist so it best left to experts. If cabling is done the wrong way, it can cause damage to trees rather than prevent it. It also takes an expert to determine which tree can be protected by having cabling and bracing done on it.

We provide tree service in Garland, TX out of our love for trees and nature in general. Contact us with your different needs and we will be there to provide the service you need for a green, safe environment. We will give you a cost estimate and then we can come over, assess the situation and give you a precise quote.

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