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You know how it looks when leaves are falling off trees at the start of fall? The trees look sparse and bare. Now imagine, if you can, that there were no trees at all; every place would look very bare and colorless indeed. Trees add color and give a place life. It is a love for trees that birthed Patriot Tree Service. We offer comprehensive and professional tree service in Richardson, TX and surrounding areas.

Tree Care in Richardson

Richardson Tree ServiceUnlike other plants that need constant care in the form of weeding, mulching and watering, trees need specialized care. It is possible to routinely get at the top of tall trees to trim a thick crown or to get to every high branch to see whether it is healthy or needs to be pruned off. That’s where we come in.

Our tree service in Richardson, TX begins with an assessment to determine what kind of service is required. We look at the following;

  • whether there are dead or detached branches
  • whether there are any cavities on the trunk, large overgrown branches or any signs of rot
  • if mushrooms or conks are growing anywhere around the tree
  • if there are splits or cracks where branches are attached onto the tree
  • if the trunk has co-dominant stems, or is leaning
  • if there are surrounding trees whose branches would fall and damage an adjacent tree if pruning and thinning was done
  • the condition of the roots to see if any have broken off or are otherwise damaged. Damage can be caused when the soil level is lowered such as when trenches are being dug or repairs are being done on sidewalks and pavements.
  • whether the leaves have an odd size or color.

If there are any of these signs on a tree, then it is definitely time to bring call for tree service in Richardson, TX. We will come in and assess the condition of the trunk, branches, roots and leaves to determine how healthy a tree is. We will then proceed to do what it necessary. If the crown at the top is too thick, we will thin it. If there are any branches that are dead or weak, we will remove them so that they don’t fall off and cause damage or injuries. If there are any visible problems with the roots, we will get to the bottom of it so that the tree remains healthy and vibrant. If there is no option but to take down a tree, we will do that and remove the stump as well, if so required.

Our tree service in Richardson, TX is available in other parts of the city as well. Get in touch and we will assess the tree or trees in question, give a quote and provide the necessary service, all at very competitive rates.

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