Professional Tree Stump Grinding Service with FREE Estimates

Trees are important to the environment; they help to keep the air, provide shade and they add aesthetic value. For this reason, it is important to protect trees and maintain them in the best condition possible. To this end, Patriot Tree Service provides various services in the area of Texas.

Tree stump grinding Garland is one of the services we provide. This would usually be the last phase of tree removal. The majority of homeowners will want stump grinding to be done following tree removal because a stump is usually an eye sore. This is especially if it is in the front lawn or if you maintain a flower or vegetable garden at the back. It can also be a hazard because people can trip over it.

Professional Tree Stump Grinding Service

Tree StumpYou may also want to hire tree stump grinding Garland services from Patriot Tree Service if;

  • you want to put down sod or plant grass over the area where the tree was.
  • you plan a new tree to replace the old one.
  • you want to stop roots from the removed tree from growing back.
  • you want to get rid of ants, bees and others insects that love to make tree stumps their home. Over time, such pests and insects will find their way to your home.
  • you want to get rid of rodents who also love to burrow in old tree stumps before eventually invading your home.
  • you want to do landscaping.
  • you wish to fence your yard and the stump is in the way.
  • you plan to do some remodeling such as installing a new sidewalk, patio or even a swimming pool.
  • to increase drainage in your yard.
  • to get land where trees have been removed ready for construction.
  • to remove roots that are too close to the foundation of a house or building.
Why you should use Patriot tree stump grinding Garland services.

Perhaps you have considered other options like pulling a stump out with a truck or letting it decay. You may also have thought of burning the stump or renting a grinder and trailer and doing the job yourself. All these options would take time and you after all your efforts with a hired grinder and truck, you may not be able to get rid of a stump completely.

Wherever you are in Texas, call on Patriot Tree Service for tree stump grinding Garland services and the stump will be taken out completely in a short time. Every last root and root stump will be removed so you can plant another tree or get on with your remodeling or gardening project without any delays. Contact Patriot Tree Service for a quote and we will be right over to assess the stump and so we can give you a precise quote for getting rid of it quickly and completely.

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