Patriot Tree Service Offers Affordable Tree Pruning Service in Allen TX

Tree Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Proper tree pruning is necessary to maintain safety, improve tree health and structure, get more sunlight to the grass, and make the tree aesthetically pleasing.

The pros at Patriot Tree Service understand tree biology and the correct procedures involved with pruning that will optimize your tree’s health and structure, increasing its longevity and addressing safety concerns. There are many tree services that are currently practicing a very negative trend of stripping off all or most of a tree’s internal branching, leading to a condition known in the business as “lion-tailing”. This poor technique leads to sunburned bark tissue, heavy sucker development, weakened branch structure, and breakage.

Tree Pruning Service

Tree Care

Quality tree care begins with a knowledge of tree biology and anatomy. Each cut made should have a reason, and should take into account how the tree will respond to the cut. Every cut should be made in a very specific place on the limb, allowing it to compartmentalize and heal.

We love trees and will prune with established objectives and procedures such as providing code compliance, maintaining health and vigor, improving a view and aesthetics, and reducing the potential for branch failure to high weight load distribution.

From vista pruning, to crown raising and thinning, deadwood and sucker removal, and storm damage restoration, Patriot Tree Service has all your tree trimming needs covered!

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