Affordable Tree Removal Service

We Salute Your Trees!

Patriot Tree Service can provide a variety of tree removal services for your home or business. Removing a tree can be a difficult decision, and one that should be thoroughly considered. We all love trees, so when it has been determined that a tree must be removed, you can count on the pros at Patriot Tree Service to get the project completed in a safe, time-efficient manner.

Tree RemovalWhen to remove a tree

The reasons for removing a tree can range from decay and decline to safety concerns and just changing the landscape for a new look. Trees grown in an urban environment are subject to many stressors not found in their natural forest environment. For this reason, trees that may live many years in their natural environment fall ill many years too soon in the urban site. From soil compaction and soil structure problems caused by construction to interference with homes and power lines, some trees just get too large for the modern home site.

Many times, primary stress causal factors are covered by secondary stressors, leading to the premature decline and decay of normally long-lived trees. Patriot Tree Service can identify structural issues, such as included bark, codominant stems, weak branch angles, poor previous pruning practices and internal decay that can become a serious threat to the safety of lives and property in the area of the tree. It is crucial to identify hazardous conditions early on, so that you can mitigate safety risks early enough to assure property and loved ones will not be in jeopardy! If it has been determined to remove your tree, we can also consult on and install new trees to begin to fill the empty space again. Patriot Tree Service have the skill and knowledge to get the job done on-time and on-budget!

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