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Tree Service Frisco

You don’t want to be the home with the ugly front yard, do you? Maybe your grass has faded, or your trees have seen far better days. Green grass is a staple point to a nice backyard; however, trees are what give a yard character. That’s why it’s important to keep them flourishing. If you can’t, perhaps it’s time to get rid of them. Either way, you may need help from a tree service Frisco

Tree service Frisco includes:

  • Pruning
  • Cabling/Bracing
  • Removal
  • Stump Grinding

Are your trees in need of pruning?

What do we mean by “pruning”? It’s simply the practice of cutting and trimming tree branches to allow sunlight to seep through and to make a tree look prettier. If a tree gets too thick or out of control, it can lose figure, cut itself off from key nutrients, and shorten its lifespan. Pruning prevents those things from happening.

You should also consider safety. An overgrown tree can begin to lean too far one way or the other; it may eventually fall. Hopefully the tree doesn’t fall on a person or car, or through a window. It may not be the entire tree that falls, but branches can do some major damage as well.

The occasional pruning keeps your trees looking nice, keeps them healthy, and prevents accidental damage. Contact Patriot Tree Service Frisco for professional tree trimming service Frisco, TX!

There are ways to protect trees

Trees are not do or die. There is a middle ground. Cabling and bracing, for example, are practices meant to repair or protect a tree from damage. Cables, bolts, and/or braces can be installed to sustain the integrity of a tree or to restructure it.

Trees with codominant stems, multiple stems, splits, weak limbs or weak points can benefit greatly from cabling and bracing. So, if you start to notice issues with one of your trees, consider seeking help from tree service Frisco before it’s too late. Patriot Tree Service Frisco has the knowledge to diagnose the problem and the tools to fix it!

Your tree may look ugly for a bit of time with cables inside and braces around; however, it won’t take long for the tree to regain its strength. The alternative is allowing the tree to wither, in which you’ll eventually be forced to remove it.

Our professionals can examine a tree in many ways to determine if a fix is necessary. A few aspects of a tree that we take a close look at include:

  • Dead and detached branches
  • Cavities (opening) located on the trunk or on any large branches
  • Mushroom growth anywhere around the tree
  • Splits or cracks where branches are attached to the tree

For an extended list of our tree examination efforts, please see Affordable Tree Service in Richardson, TX.

Do you want your trees removed?

If a tree is too far gone or if you simply don’t want it in your yard, you can have it professionally removed. The tree removal service will not take long. Just call Patriot Tree Service to let us know when and where, and we’ll come to your location to complete the removal.

Our team has removed hundreds, if not thousands of trees since our establishment in 1999. We know how to get the project done safely and effectively. You won’t be putting your yard at risk by trusting our services.

For pricing on our tree removal services, give us a call. We may be able to provide an estimate based on a photo of the tree. However, if an in-person view is needed, we will schedule a date and time with you to check it out.

Even the stump?

Stump removal is a separate cost from tree removal. Reason being, some people are okay with the stump remaining, while others want it gone. It generally depends on the location of the stump within someone’s property.

If it’s on the forefront in the front yard, homeowners typically want it removed so it doesn’t distract from the overall beauty of the yard. Though, if the stump is hidden in the backyard or somewhere on a 10-acre lot, homeowners usually don’t care.

Another reason that stump removal is a separate cost is because it can be trickier than removing a trunk and branches. Depending on the size of the tree, the roots can extend a long way beneath the ground. Pulling the stump out must be done in a way in which the foundation is not affected. A damaged foundation can result in all sorts of unwanted costs down the line.

Stump grinding is Patriot Tree Service’s primary route for stump removal. It consists of grinding the stump some four to six inches below the surface. This takes the stump out of site, while avoiding foundation issues from cutting too deep.

Because stump removal is so particular, we handle it on a stump-by-stump basis. Once we take care of the tree removal, we can discuss the process of removing the stump. Of course, price will be a part of the discussion.

A tree service Frisco, TX that goes beyond homes

You may have noticed, but trees are everywhere. (Though, not as widespread as they once were to due constant development.) Businesses like ours have a lot of work to do, as unhealthy trees exist in many places. Even if they don’t exist in your home lot, they may exist throughout neighborhoods, city streets, commercial lots, etc.

If you are looking for a Frisco tree trimming service or tree removal service for any such areas, please reach out to us. We’ll ensure the necessary number of staff members are available to handle the task.

Patriot Tree Service

Again, trees add character and life to your home. Without them, your home loses flavor. That’s why you should do what you can to keep your trees alive and well. All it takes is some routine maintenance, such as a semi-annual pruning. Routine maintenance will prevent tree removal.

For pruning, repair, or removal, let the pros at Patriot Tree Service help. Our knowledge and techniques will have your land looking great!


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